What is Yazgac?

Yazgac is a free desktop application, that allows you to type special Turkish characters (ç,ı,ş,ğ,ü,ö) or correct your text by automatically placing them. These characters are not part of non-Turkish keyboards (and ASCII table), thus, are usually omitted in daily life by many.

Yazgac is intended to help users type and/or correct Turkish text with standard US keyboards and without changing their keyboard settings. Please see features below. Also, you can watch a full presentation that explains the three main features of Yazgac in demo setion.

You can download and install Yazgac for non-commercial use. Hopefully, it will be useful to you. Please send us your comments and questions.

Hasan Ayaz

Yazgac in action

Please see demo section for a full presentation of Yazgac that you can navigate at your own pace.

NOTE: The keyboard shortcut that is the key combination to type special Turkish characters can be configured. The defult value is ctrl + shift + <dotless version>


  • Type special Turkish characters (without changing keyboard layout) by merely holding ctrl (control) and any another key you define (shift is default) while pressing the dot-less version of the desired Turkish character. Yazgac can also work with many other applications that supports unicode/Turkish font. Below is the list of default keyboard shortcuts:
    ctrl + shift + c=ç
    ctrl + shift + i=ı
    ctrl + shift + s=ş
    ctrl + shift + g=ğ
    ctrl + shift + o=ö
    ctrl + shift + u=ü
    Note: You can customize the key combination in options dialog of Yazgac.

  • Copy+paste any (long) text that you wish to correct; double-click on any word to have a drop-down menu that displays possible versions with special Turkish characters, just select the correct one. Yazgac suggests the correct version and learns from your selections!

  • Copy+paste any (long) text that you wish to correct; and correct all instantly with click of a button. This feature is still in beta, the algorithm and database are improving.

Typing outside Yazgac

With the latest release, you can use Yazgac to type on any text editor, or application. The application just needs to support Unicode or Turkish font. The key combination can be modified at the options dialog.


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