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PresentationTimer is a user-friendly, flexible tool to help you manage your time during presentations. PresentationTimer is used to secure timely progress in conferences, seminars or anywhere where the presentations are subject to time constraints.

PresentationTimer hints a certain pre-set time period to the speaker by displaying a cue on remaining time (cue displayed as remaining minutes, a color coded signal or a sound). It can also be remotely controlled by the presenter or the session chair.

Refer to Features section for more information. Help section contains step by step description of some basic tasks.


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In the figure below, a sample cue window is shown. Cue window can be placed anywhere on the screen, be transparent (0 to 90%), set to display time count-down or just color-coded panel. System tray icon of PresentationTimer can be clicked to open settings dialog box, control or exit the application.


In figure below, timing settings pane where a list of time periods can be arranged with different properties, is shown. These periods can be set to different time length (in milli second resolution) using the moving bar. Similar periods can be grouped as in the sample screen-shot. They can be easily edited in the item dialogbox.


In figure below, a sample presentation slide is shown with PresentationTimer on the top, righthand side.

Sample Presentation Slide

Hasan Ayaz