A windows application that enables users to perform interpolation within a GUI using InterpolationLIB


The first group Settings contains a combobox that lists available interpolation algorithms. User can choose any of them to apply. Second setting option is the number of intermediate points. This is the number of new (interpolated) data points to be placed in-between each original data point pair. The last button, separators, will be explained later.

Second group, Input enables users to enter an array (1D or 2D). User can type in the array or load from a file.

Third group, Output shows the users the output array (1D or 2D). User can save the output to a file.

Interpolate button placed between input and output groups performs interpolation with given inputs when pressed.

Seperator button in settings group opens the following dialog that sets two characters

Input Format

Input text is parsed using two special characters that can be changed using separators dialog. Default value for number separator is space character and row separator is a semicolon.


Input String =
1 0 1 ; 2 4 5

Parsed Array =

InterpolationLIB by Hasan Ayaz 2006