InterpolationLIB (Interpolation Library) is a .NET component that contains reusable group of interpolation functions that can easily be integrated into your applications. InterpolationLIB can perform various interpolation algorithms on vectors (1D array) and images (2D array). You can use InterpolationTOOL to perform interpolation without writing code.

Please refer to tutorials section on how to use InterpolationLIB. Reference section contains documents and paper references for algorithms in the literature. You can download InterpolationLIB for free for academic use. Commercial licensing is also available. Contact information is also in this page.

sample interpolation
Figure 1. Original data points and 3rd order BSpline Interpolation

In Figure 1, InterpolationLib has been used to calculate the curve from the data points marked with 'o'. In that sample, 3rd order Bspline interpolation has been used. InterpolationLib can sample any intermediate point between original data points, this option is defined as the number of intermediate points.

orignial image
interpolated image
Figure 2. Original image and 3rd order BSpline Interpolated image

In Figure 2, InterpolationLib has been used on 2D matrix. The above image shows the original coarse image and below is the smoothe image calculated by InterpolationLIB. Calculated image has been resized to fit in this page.


Below is a list of available algorithms in InterpolationLIB

  • Nearest Neighbour
  • Linear
  • Cosine
  • B-Spline
  • Cubic
  • Gaussian
  • Sinc


Please don't hesitate to contact if you have comments and/or suggestions for new features.

InterpolationLIB has been written in C# but can be used in applications of C++, C#, Visual Basic and all other .NET languages.

Hasan Ayaz

InterpolationLIB by Hasan Ayaz © 2008